Roger Rabbit comic book
Roger Rabbit was a comic book series by Disney Comics starring characters from the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as well as following continuity from the film. It spawned a spin-off series entitled Roger Rabbit's Toontown, which lasted five issues.

The series continues the adventures of Roger Rabbit, who has since returned to working for Maroon Cartoons, now under C.B. Maroon (a character introduced in the graphic novel, Roger Rabbit: The Resurrection of Doom). The comics were usually split into two stories, with one main feature focussing on Roger's adventures, and a back-up feature presented to look like an actual animated subject.

While Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman and Benny the Cab all appeared in the stories, Eddie Valiant was seldom seen, replaced by a new detective character named Rick Flint. This was given an in-universe explanation in the first issue: Roger had a new case for he and Eddie to team up on. Eddie told Roger he wouldn't be able to help him that since defeating Judge Doom twice, there was renewed interest in Eddie's services as a detective and was too busy with various caseloads. So to not leave Roger on his own, Eddie referred him to a "new kid" private detective, Rick Flint. The editorial reason for omitting Eddie Valiant from the comic was not having the likeness rights to Bob Hoskins outside of the first issue. Other new characters introduced were Lenny, a toon plane who was Benny's cousin, and Mel, who was Roger's sentient mailbox.

The series had a one-off 3D strip as part of the Disney's Comics in 3-D series, which reprinted the back-up features of earlier comics and converted them into 3D.

The Roger Rabbit comic book line lasted 18 issues, ending at the time of the Disney Comics implosion. However, new Roger Rabbit stories continued to appear in the pages of Disney Adventures until the May 1993 issue.