Who Framed Roger Rabbit was such a popular movie, it has been referenced in several other popular culture media.

TV shows/Web showsEdit

Tiny Toon AdventuresEdit

  • "The Looney Beginning"- Babs Bunny does an impression of Jessica Rabbit. Later Buster Bunny says "Roger, rabbit" and Babs replies "You got the wrong bunny."
  • "The Wide World of Elmyra"- Drooling Davey resembles Baby Herman with the fact that he talked in a gruff voice at the end of his cartoon.
  • "New Character Day"- Roger Rabbit appears trying to become a new character on Tiny Toons. He is rejected.
  • "Looniversity Daze"- When Buster finds out Bugs Bunny is the principal, Bugs says to him "Eh, you were expecting maybe Roger Rabbit?"
  • "Who Bopped Bugs Bunny"- The episode is a parody of Roger Rabbit.
  • "Pledge Week"- Babs does an impression of Roger.
  • "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian"- Roger and Jessica make a cameo riding in a limo (only Roger's arm and Jessica's legs are seen).
  • "Thirteensomething"- Babs does an impression of Jessica Rabbit. Later Buster and Plucky Duck do an impression of Jessica while mocking Babs.

Anime AbandonEdit

The Angry Video Game NerdEdit

  • Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit made appearances in some episodes including an episode with the same name as Who Framed Roger Rabbit the NES video game.

Midnight ScreeningsEdit

  • "The Lone Ranger/Despicable Me 2"- Roger Rabbit is compared with the Lone Ranger movies.

The Nostalgia CriticEdit

  • "The Tommyknockers"- Stuffed toys of Roger Rabbit are seen.
  • Roger Rabbit is mentioned one one episode.
  • Another episodes talks about facts from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


  • "Disney/Star Wars Coporate Retreat"- Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit appear in this video.

Mater's Tall TalesEdit

  • "Mater Private Eye"- Tia says, "I'm not bad, Mater; I just drive that way" a pun one one of Jessica Rabbit's lines.

Disney's House of MouseEdit

  • "Max's New Car"- Benny the Cab is seen in a parking lot.
  • "Mickey vs Shelby"- Benny the Cab appears.

South ParkEdit

  • "Imaginationland: Episode III"- Benny the Cab appears as one of the Imaginationland combatants.
  • In another episode the South Park characters say they are going to go watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • In another episode, Kenny dies like the weasels, laughing himself to death and then floating up towards heaven as a white ghost.

Drawn TogetherEdit

  • "Xandir and Tim Sitting In a Tree"- The scene where Pluto holds Goofy hostage takes place in Toontown.


  • "Breaking In is Hard to Do"- Baby Herman is mentioned.


  • "Catch a Fallen Star"- Roger Rabbit is mentioned.


  • "Video Review"- Who Framed Roger Rabbit is seen on a shelf at a video store.

Saved By the BellEdit

  • "King of the Hill"- Roger Rabbit is mentioned.

Robot ChickenEdit

  • "Love, Maurice"- Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and Baby Herman appear.

The SimpsonsEdit

  • "Weekend at Burnsie's"- Homer Simpson's car during his hallucination as he’s getting ready for work looks like Benny the Cab.
  • "Halloween of Horror"- Rainier Wolfcastle was dressed up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween.

Full HouseEdit

  • In one episode Joey does an impression of Roger.

American DadEdit

  • "Kiss Kiss, Cam Cam"- Who Framed Roger Rabbit is mentioned as well as Bob Hoskins who played Eddie Valiant in the movie.

The Loud House Edit

In the episode "Sleuth or Consequences" on minimal occasions the character Lincoln loud usually makes an accent in the style of Eddie Valiant and also by coincidence in the same episode , in a scene of a few seconds the character of Lola Loud is shown with hairstyle similar to that of Jessica Rabbit       


Mickey's 60th BirthdayEdit

  • Roger Rabbit appears in this special with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters.

Norman Gives a SpeechEdit

  • A Benny the Cab toy is seen.

The DictatorEdit

  • Aladeen mentions that he starred in a version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Everything Else, Volume 2Edit

  • The Announcer says "Please" the exact same way Roger Rabbit does: "P-p-p-please".

I Want CandyEdit

  • Jessica Rabbit is mentioned by Joe.

The Little Engine That Could (1991 film)Edit

  • When Tower blows his horn, the sound is the same as the one heard a few times throughout the movie when Roger Rabbit has a wild take.

Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My VacationEdit

  • Babs Bunny does an impression of Jessica Rabbit.

Happy Birthday, Bugs!: 50 Looney YearsEdit

  • The footage of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny appearing in Roger Rabbit is seen.

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Mickey's Happy Valentine SpecialEdit

  • Clips from the movie with Roger and Jessica are seen.

Back to the Future Part IIEdit

  • A Roger Rabbit doll is seen in the film.

Aladdin and the King of ThievesEdit

  • There is a picture of Jasmine in Jessica Rabbit's clothing and Roger Rabbit also appears in the picture.

Toy Story 2Edit

  • Stinky Pete sits on a stick of dynamite and yells, "YOW!!! MY BISCUITS ARE BURNIN'!!!", an exact quote that Yosemite Sam says in Roger Rabbit.


  • When Carol tells Sam to treat Malloy the same way he would treat Corey, Sam replies that he'll get Malloy some Roger Rabbit jammies.

The Singing DetectiveEdit

  • When Dark's wife presents the idea of a film based on his book, he says, "Yeah, like Roger Rabbit."

Ice Age: Dawn Of the DinosaursEdit

  • Weasels are warned not to laugh themselved to death.



  • One issue had Alfred E. Newman on the cover looking like Benny the Cab with Roger Rabbit driving him. The same issue has a parody of the film called "Who Defamed Robber Rabbit".

Cracked MagazineEdit

  • Roger Rabbit made a cameo in a comic story that parodies The Simpsons.
  • Another issue parodied the film as "Who Fwamed Roger Wabbit", which is also a pun on Elmer Fudd's speech.

Video GamesEdit

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoEdit

  • Toontown appears in the game.

Comic StripsEdit

Mother Goose and GrimmEdit

  • Roger Rabbit makes an appearance in a 2016 comic strip as a dust bunny.