Who Framed Roger Rabbit was such a popular movie, it has been referenced in several other popular culture media.

TV shows/Web showsEdit

Tiny Toon AdventuresEdit

  • "The Looney Beginning"- Babs Bunny does an impression of Jessica Rabbit. Later Buster Bunny says "Roger, rabbit" and Babs replies "You got the wrong bunny."
  • "The Wide World of Elmyra"- Drooling Davey resembles Baby Herman with the fact that he talked in a gruff voice at the end of his cartoon.
  • "New Character Day"- Roger Rabbit appears trying to become a new character on Tiny Toons. He is rejected.
  • "Looniversity Daze"- When Buster finds out Bugs Bunny is the principal, Bugs says to him "Eh, you were expecting mabey Roger Rabbit?"
  • "Who Bopped Bugs Bunny"- The episode is a parody of Roger Rabbit.
  • "Pledge Week"- Babs does an impression of Roger.
  • "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian"- Roger and Jessica make a cameo riding in a limo (only Roger's arm and Jessica's legs are seen).
  • "Thirteensomething"- Babs does an impression of Jessica Rabbit. Later Buster and Plucky Duck do an impression of Jessica while mocking Babs.

Anime AbandonEdit

The Angry Video Game NerdEdit

  • Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit made appearances in some episodes including an episode with the same name as Who Framed Roger Rabbit the NES video game.

Midnight ScreeningsEdit

  • "The Lone Ranger/Despicable Me 2"- Roger Rabbit is compared with the Lone Ranger movies.

The Nostalgia CriticEdit

  • "The Tommyknockers"- Stuffed toys of Roger Rabbit are seen.
  • Roger Rabbit is mentioned one one episode.
  • Another episodes talks about facts from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


  • "Disney/Star Wars Coporate Retreat"- Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit appear in this video.

Mater's Tall TalesEdit

  • "Mater Private Eye"- Tia says, "I'm not bad, Mater; I just drive that way" a pun one one of Jessica Rabbit's lines.

Disney's House of MouseEdit

  • "Max's New Car"- Benny the Cab is seen in a parking lot.
  • "Mickey vs Shelby"- Benny the Cab appears.

South ParkEdit

  • "Imaginationland: Episode III"- Benny the Cab appears as one of the Imaginationland combatants.
  • In another episode the South Park characters say they are going to go watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • In another episode, Kenny dies like the weasels, laughing himself to death and then floating up towards heaven as a white ghost.

Drawn TogetherEdit

  • "Xandir and Tim Sitting In a Tree"- The scene where Pluto holds Goofy hostage takes place in Toontown.


  • "Breaking In is Hard to Do"- Baby Herman is mentioned.


  • "Catch a Fallen Star"- Roger Rabbit is mentioned.


  • "Video Review"- Who Framed Roger Rabbit is seen on a shelf at a video store.

Saved By the BellEdit

  • "King of the Hill"- Roger Rabbit is mentioned.

Robot ChickenEdit

  • "Love, Maurice"- Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and Baby Herman appear.

The SimpsonsEdit

  • "Weekend at Burnsie's"- Homer Simpson's car during his hallucination as he’s getting ready for work looks like Benny the Cab.
  • "Halloween of Horror"- Rainier Wolfcastle was dressed up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween.

Full HouseEdit

  • In one episode Joey does an impression of Roger.

American DadEdit

  • "Kiss Kiss, Cam Cam"- Who Framed Roger Rabbit is mentioned as well as Bob Hoskins who played Eddie Valiant in the movie.


Mickey's 60th BirthdayEdit

  • Roger Rabbit appears in this special with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters.

Norman Gives a SpeechEdit

  • A Benny the Cab toy is seen.

The DictatorEdit

  • Aladeen mentions that he starred in a version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Everything Else, Volume 2Edit

  • The Announcer says "Please" the exact same way Roger Rabbit does: "P-p-p-please".

I Want CandyEdit

  • Jessica Rabbit is mentioned by Joe.

The Little Engine That Could (1991 film)Edit

  • When Tower blows his horn, the sound is the same as the one heard a few times throughout the movie when Roger Rabbit has a wild take.

Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My VacationEdit

  • Babs Bunny does an impression of Jessica Rabbit.

Happy Birthday, Bugs!: 50 Looney YearsEdit

  • The footage of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny appearing in Roger Rabbit is seen.

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Mickey's Happy Valentine SpecialEdit

  • Clips from the movie with Roger and Jessica are seen.

Back to the Future Part IIEdit

  • A Roger Rabbit doll is seen in the film.

Aladdin and the King of ThievesEdit

  • There is a picture of Jasmine in Jessica Rabbit's clothing and Roger Rabbit also appears in the picture.

Toy Story 2Edit

  • Stinky Pete sits on a stick of dynamite and yells, "YOW!!! MY BISCUITS ARE BURNIN'!!!", an exact quote that Yosemite Sam says in Roger Rabbit.


  • When Carol tells Sam to treat Malloy the same way he would treat Corey, Sam replies that he'll get Malloy some Roger Rabbit jammies.

The Singing DetectiveEdit

  • When Dark's wife presents the idea of a film based on his book, he says, "Yeah, like Roger Rabbit."

Ice Age: Dawn Of the DinosaursEdit

  • Weasels are warned not to laugh themselved to death.



  • One issue had Alfred E. Newman on the cover looking like Benny the Cab with Roger Rabbit driving him. The same issue has a parody of the film called "Who Defamed Robber Rabbit".

Cracked MagazineEdit

  • Roger Rabbit made a cameo in a comic story that parodies The Simpsons.
  • Another issue parodied the film as "Who Fwamed Roger Wabbit", which is also a pun on Elmer Fudd's speech.

Video GamesEdit

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoEdit

  • Toontown appears in the game.

Comic StripsEdit

Mother Goose and GrimmEdit

  • Roger Rabbit makes an appearance in a 2016 comic strip as a dust bunny.

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